Hydrogen for Anti-Inflammation


When it comes to medicine, smaller is always better. Nanoscience has tended to show us that when your medication can enter even the tiniest cells in our body, it produces higher results. Nothing is smaller than the molecular hydrogen, and it is fast proving to be one of the most exciting medical innovations of the 21st century. Hydrogen is known to be the simplest and without a doubt an essential element with molecular hydrogen (H2) being the smallest molecule. In fact, it is fast becoming the new go-to therapy for inflammation.


Medical research tells us that the hydrogen molecule is particularly unique because it contains the ability to perform at the cellular level. Hydrogen is able to cross the blood-brain barrier, even capable of entering the mitochondria. In certain conditions, it provides the possibility to even move to the nucleus. And once the molecular hydrogen has been able to enter the key positions of the cell, then it has been shown to have key benefits to the cell such as antioxidants, anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective properties.


Molecular hydrogen with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties is fast becoming one of the great medical leaps of today. With the ultra quick absorption and dispersion deep into the body’s cells, it is going to help numerous people. Even patients in the late stages of cancer can feel the positive effect of molecular hydrogen antioxidants.


Research has shown that the intake of hydrogen helps lower oxidative stress in various disorders and organ system. It really helps the following the digestive, cardiovascular and even the respiratory system heal. Being that hydrogen is the father of all elements, it really comes as no surprise that even NASA is looking into how they can use molecular hydrogen therapy to protect their astronauts from radiation. You see the balance between oxygen and hydrogen is the key to keeping your body healthy due to it giving you the correct levels of oxidation and reduction. Therefore, the most important aspect to take from this revolutionary type of therapy is that molecular hydrogen helps negate the toxicity caused by oxygen.